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India is a country of villages. Its almost 70 percent population lives in villages. It is said if one has to experience pure traditional India; one has to visit Indian villages. Cities are none but the admixture of different cultures and civilizations migrated from villages. The root of every city is in the villages. Without villages, the cities are incomplete and meaningless. So, the true culture and civilization only resides in villages. Villages surrounded by lush green fields, ponds, temples, inns and more than century old tall trees give a different kind of experience. The fragrance of pure desi foods prepared from milk products really attracts one to eat. Simple living and high thinking is the motto of Indian
villagers. Contribution in every sphere of nation building is praiseworthy. Apart from providing agriculture products, Indian villages contribute in defence and education a lot. You can’t imagine the aura and atmosphere of Indian villages which are full of laughter and humour. Every Indian village has its long history and culture. Amongst all the Indian villages, there is such village named, Rewari Khera in Jhajjar District of State Haryana. Calling Haryana the heart of India won’t be an exaggeration because of its contribution in agriculture, animal husbandry, sports, defence, politics, industries and infrastructure. Founded in 1 st of November 1966, it has gained new heights over the years. Its eighteen districts, which are rich in different kinds of endeavours and enterprises. Out of these eighteen districts, there is such district that is called The Martyrs District.


The village Rewari Khera which is in Bahadurgarh block of Jhajjar district with a total
population of ————————. Out of these ——— are male and——– are female. The total area
of the village is ———–. Out of this total cultivable land is ———— acres. It in ——- longitude and —
—- latitude. It is situated two kilometres away from Beri Bahadurgarh Road (MDR 122). Let’s have a
glimpse of its nearby major cities, towns, villages and roads and highways with distance.

Villages which share borders:


History and culture are the roots of any place whether it is a smaller one of a bigger one. There is almost everyone in this world who wants to know about his or her history. The curiosity about knowing history is very common and natural.

Achievements and Prominent Personalities

Contribution in Sports and Games – Rewari Khera is a land of players. There are various talented and great sports personalities who have brighten the village and villagers’ name by their sport-spirit, enthusiasm, agility, courage, stamina and leadership. Kabaddi, Kushti (wrestling), Cricket, Volleyball, Handball and Basketball are some of the famous games which are player in this village.

Contribution in Freedom Struggle and Defence

Reward Khera is the place of patrotists. Its freedom fighters are known for the supreme sacrifice to the mother land. Its splendid history is full of uncountable stories of its martyrs. From the Freedom struggle to the wars of 1962, 1965, 1971 and 1999 Kargil; its undaunted fighters have contributed so much that their lullabies are in prevelance now.

Freedom Fighters

Havildar Bhopal s/o Jaidev